Monday, December 1, 2014

On birthdays...

Tomorrow is my birthday and once again I am crawling away into hiding. I don't mind people knowing my birthday but when it comes to my actual birthday I want to just hide until it passes. All the attention and the congratulations is a huge challenge. I don't like surprises. Not at all. I wish I didn't have to deal with surprises. So, today I did what I usually do when I get like this. I take all hints of my birthday down. I remove it from facebook and other places it may be hiding. In 2 days I will put it back. I find this to be very odd behavior. I don't think other people do this. And just in case someone says otherwise, I really don't care how old I am. I actually like getting older. It means I've got more information than I had the previous year through experience alone not to mention through research. I can't wait to start getting grey hair. I don't have any yet and I'll be 37 tomorrow. My mom doesn't have any either and she's 63. To me, greying and white hair grants you a sort of air of wisdom. I would like that. I would like respect that goes with age. Now, why can't I let people know it's my birthday tomorrow?

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