Friday, October 31, 2014

At Home Sleep Study

I have sleep apnea. I snore. I hold my breath. I don't breathe well when I lay down. When I'm pregnant I have to sleep on an incline or I can't breathe enough to sleep. I groan in my sleep and make noise. I used to talk in my sleep. Now I just murmur. If I eat wheat, I get horribly congested and snor really loudly. Dairy is not helpful either. 

For years I've contemplated getting a sleep study done so I might get some relief. For years I've been pregnant or nursing. I figured it was impossible due to nursing or growing a baby. When would I find 8 hours of time to do a study? Finally I talked to an allergist and he ordered an at home sleep study. 

When the little kit came I was pretty excited. I figured I would put this little strap on, nose piece, and finger monitor, and get some sleep. Boy was I wrong. My sensory processing went into overload. 

Here is my list of problems with this test:

1. There is a light on the monitor. If it turns red you have to fix your finger monitor. The green light is horribly bright. Haven't they read about light changing your hormone levels making it harder for you to sleep?
2. The chest strap is designed for men. I am a woman of ample chest and I'm nursing to boot which makes my chest bigger. That strap traveled up and put a bit of a strangle hold on me. How do you sleep when you're being strangled?
3. The finger monitor would have been fine if I slept with my hands away from my face. However, I prefer to sleep on my hands using them to angle my head in a good angle for best breathing. All those cords kept tickling my face. 
4. The nose piece was the worst part. The little ends that go inside your nose have a little angled bend to them that you wear pointing down. This causes those little angled pieces to tickle the inside of your nose. It's like someone is puposely tickling you while you try to sleep. What little air was going in my nose was also being blocked by the device. 
5. I like to sleep half on my face or chest down with much of my face in the pillow. I prop everything in such a way that I breathe better, like using a breathe right strip. The nose piece made this maneuver impossible as my nose became tickled. 

All in all I lasted for two hours before ripping it off and sending it back. I went from sleepy to awake. I took benedryl, which always makes me groggy, to so absolutely awake it was painful. There is no way I could ever consider doing that test again. I don't know how I would make it without being sedated heavily. 

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