Tuesday, November 5, 2013

World War Z and Abortion

Last night my husband was indulging himself and watching World War Z for the first time. I knew it was a zombie film so I refrained from watching the screen and only listened as I knitted a gauge swatch with size 0 needles and some super fine wool yarn. Occassionally, I would glance up at the screen trying to time it so I wouldn't see any zombies. Unfortunately, I saw a few and I found the film depressing and horrifying at the same time. It's just plain creapy to see half chared bodies twitch and try to move. 

I gave up after a while and went to take a shower and get some sleep. My husband woke me up a bit with, "There's zombies" and "I saw a zombie". He was only releaving a little stress from watching the film and trying to make light of it at the same time while giving me the chance to wake enough to turn off the liturgical video I was watching/listening to as I dozed. 

A thought came to me this morning, as the baby kicked and rolled inside of me, that people who go through with abortions must feel like the growing child within is a zombie. A parasite that feeds off the mother and shoves her about the farther along she goes in pregnancy. It's like the zombie movies are a realization of the irrational fear of pregnancy. The film Alien was much the same way. 

If people have these images stored away in their memories and then they have pro-abortionists claiming that the child within is soulless and a parasite, how could that person not think back to those zombie movies?

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