Thursday, November 7, 2013

Watching TV

There is something interesting that I noticed when I watch TV or movies. Whenever there is an intense moment I start watching the edges of the screen to see if the camera is panning in. In almost all cases of films, yes, you can see exterior object dropping off the edges of the screen. 

This is highly distracting to me. It's sort of like when I noticed the sliding of the screen after they converted a movie from wide screen to a narrower aspect just to fit on the TV without the letterbox. I can't stand to watch those products because they make me feel motion sick. 

Back to the intensemoments on screen. I don't really like to be stressed out or overly emotional when watching movies. When sitting at home I have the refuge of my knitting or my tablet to distract my vision. It's probably the reason why I don't care to watch a movie in the theatre anymore (I can't get away). 

I wonder if other people do this (watching the edge of the screen or distraction during intense moments)?

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